Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fighter Diary #4

Grappling Update


I went to champions challenge a few weeks ago. I placed first but I realized I have a lot to work on. I have no guard passing skills whatsoever. And I am terrible at submission on top. I think that since when I am on top in fighting I throw punches I have not forced myself to learn submissions from an advantage position. I would love to train hardcore bjj but I cannot afford it. With school it is really hard to pay for anything else.

Maybe this summer since I don't have tot take summer classes I will be able to do a little bjj training. I think I would be an awesome grappler with my wrestling background if I could train hardcore.

I am going to Hawaii for to weeks in July to visit my best friend. I know there is some sweet bjj and MMA training out there. I am going to advantage of that.

Last weekend I went to a low level grappling tournament. I weighed in at 117. The one opponent I had weighed in at 135. Not a terrible disadvantage but I could not use my decent judo tossing abilities. She was just too heavy. I usually win grappling tournament on a good take down and quick knee on belly or mount. I have yet to submit anyone but I also have yet to catch myself on my back long enough to do so.

I went 1-1-1 with her. she beat me with a standing submission attempt and one by points. Then I won with take downs and a knee one belly in the second match. The third match I took her down and knee on belly to mount. She got a strong submission attempt. And they called it a draw. I say that is crap but it wasn't a ranked tournament so I don't care.