Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What Would The Founding Fathers Think?

I look at this coming presidential election as both exciting and sad. I do not believe that the founders of this country could have foreseen an African American man winning a presidential candidate nomination nor do I believe they could have foreseen a women coming in at a close second. This is an exciting time for any man, woman or child no matter how you feel about who has been nominated.

Our country is changing and our political structure will surely change too. But I believe some of the changes have been negative ones. The fact that a two-party system exists really ruins the integrity of our "democracy." The fact is this system really is not democratic. I do not want to vote for McCain or Obama yet in November I will be forced to decide between the two.

Yes I have seen a presidential ballot before! And yes I do understand that there are Libertarians and the Green Party with others, but do you know who is running for those parties? Have you seen them debating Obama or McCain? Do you sincerely believe that is a true democracy?

I believe the two-party system is an unfortunate side effect of a divisive American past and that the system has ruined the integrity of America, of freedom, and of the democratic process.