Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fighter Diary #5

Wow I need a sponsor. These as prices are killing me. Driving 120 mi round trip every time I have to go to school and paying for classes are breaking my bank so bad that I can't train right now without a sponsor. We moved to a new gym and as opposed to being 1 mi from my house it is not 20 mi from my house, which relatively speaking is not far, but when I am driving so much already it is not so good. Plus I am going to HI in July and I don't get paid vacation days so I am hurting. And before anyone thinks poorly of my decision to go to HI it may be my last opportunity to go for just the plane ride. I don't have to pay for lodging and all of my friends know the non-tourists spots to hit. I am actually hoping to get some features and compositions out of the trip. So Bill Gates if you are out there and find this blog I really could use a sponsor :)

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