Sunday, October 26, 2008


Man... the closing of EliteXC means two different things. As a fight fan I saw it coming and I cannot say I am that mad about it. The fights for the most part were garbage and I might go far enough to say they were fixed. The fighters were protected (Carano and Kimbo). So as a fan who knows and respects the game I cannot be too sad about the folding of EliteXC. I can, however, be sad that EliteXC was the only prime time demonstration of MMA. The organization had the opportunity to bring the MMA game to people who cannot afford to buy paper views, buy tickets to events or run up a tab at the bar, however; they failed miserably to bring an intelligent and well thought out game plan to the public. As a female fighter though, I am uneasy. EliteXC was the only current organization to offer so many women a contract and opportunity. And we all know the UFC will not afford women the same opportunity. First of all there is no sense in arguing with Dana White because he would not listen and he has some valid reasons for not putting women on the card. So, the fact remains is everything is ridding on the AFL to come through and give women the deals that EliteXC did. OR maybe no one will give women the shot they deserve and everyone will blame the amount of women in EliteXC on the folding of the organization.

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