Monday, July 4, 2011

Where I Have Landed

I have been around for a long time, going on five years. I have met a number of people and have seen my fair share of everything in this sport; good teams, bad teams, poor sports, true martial artists, phenomenal coaches, terrible coaches, inadequately trained teams, teams that do not have a clue, guys with a lot of heart and "cage fighter bar brawlers." I have experienced enough to know that I have landed in the place that I need to have landed to become successful and live my dreams.

I do not, for a second, take for granted where I am and who I have become as a fighter and as a person because of it. There are very few places that make each and every one of their students feel like they are a part of a family. I have had people bend over backwards for me and for my career without asking for a single thing in return. I have never met more kind-hearted upstanding individials as I have training at Lightining Kicks. I am far away from the place that I called home and from the family I grew up with, but Lightning Kicks is a place where every person can go and know they have a home and a family to back them.

My skill level has immeasurably grown in all aspects in the time I have spent with Master Amir and my teammates. I could never have foreseen my reaching my full potential, but now I know I am capable. I have coaches that give up time with their families and friends to be there for all of us, to help us get better and watch us succeed. All of these sacrifices that each of us make are a testament to our work ethic and sense of family and team.

I know how privileged I am to be where I am and to train with the people I train with each and every day. I can never thank all of my teammates and my coaches enough for all they have done to see me succeed and to live out my goals so that I may achieve my dreams. All I can do is live with the indomitable spirit and demonstrate my knowledge and growth in the cage.


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