Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fighter Diary #2

I had my second amateur fight last Thursday. The girl that I beat wanted a rematch. We were supposed to have that rematch a few weeks ago but she never showed up.

This time I won by TKO about one minute into the second round. This time she actually came back with a vengeance.

I have to hand it to her, she hit me with about seven good knees in a row before I ended it. And she took, with no exaggeration, at least seven straight rights to the face. I am pretty positive I broke her nose.

I thought I was going to knock her out cold. She made the mistake of trying to take me down. But with my wrestling experience unless my opponent is a very good wrestler, I am not getting taken down.

After being relentlessly kneed my adrenaline kicked in. As soon as I grabbed her leg as she kneed me she fell straight to her back. She has no sense of balance or mat awareness for someone who trains in grappling. My trainer wanted me to keep the fight standing so I let her back up.

As soon as she stood up I pounded her face until we hit the ropes in my corner. I then took her down and fell into her half guard. I still have a problem with quickly transitioning out of the guard when I take someone down.

Still yet, from half guard I managed to TKO her. Not bad!

I have to work on plenty of things before I move up to face harder opponents. But win or lose amateur competitions are always a learning experience. I guess knowing that is the first thing to learn. I am ready to start moving up. I have decided that being a pro fighter is what I want to do.

No there is not a lot of money in it for women. And yes I will have a double degree by December. But continuing to a Doctorate in history, or going back to school for my teaching degree, or sitting on my ass in an office just is not me. At least not yet.

This fighting thing is a bug. And it has been inside of me since I could remember. Except now I have finally figure out what I want to do. And nothing will stop me!

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